CannaRegs is an online subscription service that simplifies cannabis laws and regulations.

We offer unique tools for searching and sorting laws, tracking legislation, and accessing official publications and guidance documents in a few easy clicks.



CannaRegs subscribers have access to the rules and regulations that are neatly organized into distinct categories. Our sophisticated searching features make it easy to filter by topic so that relevant information is available in just a few clicks.

We also help you stay in the conversation by publishing the need-to-know happenings on our event calendar for any proposed or changing cannabis regulations.

Business Operators

Grow a business, not a legal department. Save time and money while staying compliant with CannaRegs.


Advise more clients quickly and accurately. Dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes to research cannabis laws with CannaRegs.


Make regulations that make your community a better place to live and do business. Learn what’s working in other jurisdictions with CannaRegs.

Stay Current

When compliance isn’t optional.

Our team of lawyers make over 100 updates to CannaRegs every single day. We are in constant communication with hundreds of agencies and lawmakers so our content is as up-to-date as possible.

Client Testimonials

“Having CannaRegs is like having four more qualified staff members on my team.”

Nic Easley

CEO, 3C Cannabis Consulting

“Quick View has literally saved my life for land use and real estate research.”

Winter LLP

CannaRegs is our go-to resource for everything related to the evolving cannabis landscape! As a budding law firm focused exclusively on the efficient and effective delivery of legal and compliance services to this exciting industry, we turn to CannaRegs for the most comprehensive, up-to-date information affecting our client partners. CannaRegs is a truly amazing tool that is essential to the success of our mission and the interests of those we serve – definitely worth every penny!!!

Tara Salinas

Managing Attorneys, Mountain High Counsel Group LLC

All my thanks for this idea!! As the security and compliance officer for a growing Boulder company, I would spend hours combing through compliance regulations just to find a few regulations. Your service has made my job so much easier and helped me be much more efficient in my job. I use your program daily to make sure my company is filled with compliance experts.

Tamie Eklund

Security and Compliance officer, Skinny Pineapple (The Farm)

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